PERKINFamily name: PERKIN (Dr)
First name: Penelope
Nationality: British
Present position: Consultant
Professional experience record:
Date: 01/11/2006-23/12/2015
Location Shinfield Park, Reading, Berks, UK
Company Amec Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd.
Position Senior Manager
Description Project Management

Date: 01/11/1999-30/11/2010
Location Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, Bucks, England
Company Open University
Position Associate Lecturer
Description Lecturer on Masters Level 'Introduction to research: basic skills and survey methods

Date: 21/01/2004-31/12/2005
Location University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AB, England
Institution Hertfordshire Primary Care Research Network (HertNet)
Position Manager/ Methodologist
Description Curriculum design, design and delivery of training courses on research methods for NHS health professionals using a variety of teaching methods. Management of HertNet and monitoring of research awards, preparation of reports, liaison with various institutions and the public.

Date: 01/03/2001 – 31/12/2003 (short-term visits)
Location Malawi
Company MASDAR International Consultants, Eversley, Hampshire, England.
Position Gender/HIV Specialist with the Macadamia Smallholder Development Project (Malawi)
Description Introduce incorporation of gender concerns into project implementation, write training materials and arrange courses – gender mainstreaming.

Date: 01/011992-31/09/1999
Location Reading, Berkshire, UK
Company/Institution International & Rural Development Department (AERDD), University of Reading (now part of the Graduate School for International Development)
Position Academic Fellow
Description Lecturer on Information, Technology Development & Diffusion and Social Research Methods modules
Short Course Coordinator, arranging, managing and teaching on training courses for international development, covering agriculture, health and community development in communication, management and research.
Research: surveys, questionnaire design, interviewing, data analysis, report preparation.
Study Tour Leader to India and Cyprus
Visit to Debrecen University, Hungary for curriculum development.

Date: 1994-2003 (one week per year)
Location France
Company/Institution Institut Superieur d’Agriculture, Catholic University of Lille, France.
Position Professeur (lecturer)
Description Rural Resource Management. Semaine Anglais (week’s English language each in specialist topic during February)

Date: 01/01/1986-31/03/1988
Location Durban, South Africa
Company/Institution Department of Land Surveying, University of KZ/Natal, Durban, South Africa
Position Researcher
Description Researcher on demographic composition and land tenure survey of informal settlements in Durban Functional Area
01/01/2004- External Examiner: Masters in International Agriculture course at Larenstein 31/12/2008 International Agricultural College, Deventer/Waginengen, The Netherlands.
01/012003- Co-ordinator, Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Bulmershe Campus, University 31/12/2004 of Reading, UK.
01-31/05/2001 Gender Specialist for Livelihoods in Agriculture Project (LRAP), CARE/DfID, Lesotho.

Specific country (outside Europe) experience:
Country Date
Malawi Short term visits during 01/03/2001 – 30/11/2003 and
voluntary work at Mikolongwe Livestock Estate, Limbe, 1973-77
Lesotho 01-31/06/2002 (and residence1944 - 1960)
Peru 01/01/1982 – 31/07/1983 (non-waged/voluntary)
Solomon Islands 01/01/1978 -1983 (non-waged)
Uganda 01/01/1970 - 31/12/1972
South Africa 01/09/1983-31/03 1987; 1965-1968; 1961-1962

Institution Open University, Milton Keynes, Bucks., England
Date: from (month/year):
to (month/year) 01/11/2008 - 31/10/2009
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
obtained: Post Graduate Certificate: Introduction to Public Health

Institution Department of Agriculture, University of Reading, Berkshire, England
Date: from (month/year):
to (month/year) 01/10/1989 - 31/07/1992
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
obtained: PhD: An investigation into the relationship between farm and farmer characteristics and objectives among a sample of farmers in Berkshire. Thesis for PhD., Department of Agriculture, University of Reading.

Institution Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Department (AERDD), University of Reading, Berkshire, England
Date: from (month/year):
to (month/year) 01/09/1983 - 31/08/1984
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
obtained: MA Rural Social Development

Institution University of Natal, Durban, South Africa
Date: from (month/year):
to (month/year) 01/01/1965 - 30/11/1968
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
obtained: Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)

Language skills: (Mark 1 to 5 for competence, 5= very good)
Language Reading Speaking Writing
English Mother tongue
Spanish 2 2 2

Perkin P. and Rehman T. (1994) Farmers' Objectives and their Interaction with Business and Life Styles. In Rural and Farming Systems Analysis-European Perspectives. Edited by J.B. Dent and M.J. McGregor. CAB International; pp193-212.

Perkin, P (1987) The Legacy of Influx Control. Reality;19,4.

Scoggins J., Fourie C., Perkin. P. and Margeot. H. (1983) Demographic profile and changing land tenure in Durban's Informal Settlements. Department of Land Surveying, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.

lee1. Family name: SCHELLEKENS

2. First names: Leo Gerard
3. Date of birth: 7th February 1947
4. Nationality: Dutch
5. Civil status: Married
6. Education:

Institution Degree(s) and Diploma(s) obtained
Catholic/Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, from 1973 to 1980 PhD Social Sciences
Catholic/Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, from 1966 to 1973 MA Political Sciences with emphasis on developing countries

7. Language skills:

Language Reading Speaking Writing
Dutch (Mother tongue) 1 1 1
English 1 1 1
French 1 1 2
German 1 1 2
Spanish 1 2 3

8. Membership of professional bodies: Inter Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
9. Other skills: Computer skills: MS Office, Database and Internet Research
10. Present position: Independent consultant

11. Key qualifications:

• Over 30 years of experience in the education sector with specific relevant experience in primary, secondary and higher education and vocational training
18 years Lecturer Development Studies at University in The Netherlands; 4 years senior lecturer management Studies in Botswana; 2 years university planning advisor in Nicaragua; 3 years education advisor in Burkina Faso; 5 years Somalia education advisor in Kenya; 1 year teacher secondary school; one year education advisor in Afghanistan with Save the Children and one year with Mercy Corps Sudan.
• Expert in teacher training
4 Years executed training needs assessments in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, conducted training classes and developed training programmes and training materials. Executed a major in-service teacher training programme in Somali, developed training materials and conducted classes. Developed a teacher training programme for Afghanistan, mid-term evaluated a teacher training programme in Afghanistan.
• Experience in monitoring and evaluation; experienced evaluator
Developed EC Policy for education development in Somalia and the Education Management Information System; monitored the implementation of the programme; evaluated a major project for support to secondary education in Somalia; developed monitoring system for Teacher Training programme in Afghanistan; participated in international evaluation missions; evaluated 10 years of Danish support to the education sector in Afghanistan and Netherlands Project to train teachers of Agricultural High Schools in Afghanistan.
• Knowledge and firsthand experience in capacity building efforts in Afghanistan and other fragile states
Supported regional governments at all levels in Somaliland and Puntland; worked for international NGO’s in supporting education authorities in Afghanistan. Advised Government of Rwanda, Analyzed the educational needs of refugees coming from the North of Sudan to the South and developed project proposals for international donors; Researched and published about Education in fragile states; member of the INEE network.
• Expertise in education planning and education policy development at Ministerial level
Developed with Governments of Burkina Faso and Niger education sectoral policies; Worked with Governments in Puntland and Somaliland in developing policies for primary and secondary education; Developed EMIS for Somalia; Developed policies for Somalia; Did consultancies and research for the Governments of Rwanda, Yemen and Afghanistan. Worked with the Government of South Sudan.
• Proven capacity to manage and implement projects in the education sector
Managed and coordinated an African Management Training project in Botswana, a University Institutional Development Project in Nicaragua; developed, managed and implemented the EC Strategy for primary and secondary education in Somalia and programmes for teacher training in Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan.
• Good understanding of international education sector support systems, in particular of sector wide approaches and reform processes
Participated in several World Bank missions to formulate programme support for Education in Mali and Burkina Faso; developed reform and reconstruction policies for education development in Somaliland and Puntland with the MOE’s; developed the capacity building component for a girl’s secondary education project in Yemen; worked with NAO’s and PMU’s in Haiti and St Vincent.

12. Professional experience

Location Company Position Description
02/2016 - ongoing Afghanistan/The Netherlands Indevelop Sweden AB Education Specialist Review of the UNICEF Basic Education and Gender Equality in Afghanistan 2013 - 2015
03/2015 –
ongoing Nijmegen/
The Nether-
lands COA (Central Organization for Refugees) Lecturer/
Consultant - Teaching classes of refugees on the history of The Netherlands and the context of Europe
- Working with refugees especially from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea to pave the way for their integration in The Netherlands
- Discuss cultural issues related to their assimilation in The Netherlands
12/2014 – 01/2015 Liberia UNMEER Education Advisor Assisted in the preparation of the “PROTOCOLS FOR SAFE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENTS IN THE EBOLA OUTBREAK IN LIBERIA” in view of the re-opening of the schools in February 2015
06/07/2014 The Netherlands International Solutions Group Education Advisor Member of a team to prepare the final evaluation of the LAUNCH project in Liberia; preparing tools, interview questions, selecting interviewees and writing the inception report. The mission was temporarily cancelled due to the Ebola crisis
Ongoing Nijmegen/
The Nether-
lands Centre for Development Cooperation Member of Governing Board Responsible for future programming, public relations and regional cooperation.
Ongoing The Hague/
The Nether-
lands Dutch Labor Party Elected Member of Foreign Relations Commission Advice the Minister of Foreign Relations and the Parliament on policies towards fragile states and development cooperation.
12/2012 –
02/2013 Afghanistan Netherlands Government/
University of Wageningen Team Leader Mid-term Evaluation - Evaluated the Afghan Dutch TVET project
- Training needs assessment of teachers for Agricultural High Schools and Veterinary Institutes
- Advised the Ministry of Education on policy for coordinated TVET policy
- Advised on the development of new teaching materials for Agricultural High Schools
- Make recommendations for the further development of the National Agricultural Education Centre to train teachers for Agricultural High Schools and Veterinary Institutions.
05/2012 – 08/2012 Afghanistan UNESCO Advisor Higher Education - Advised the Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs and the National Commission on Curriculum Review on the formulation of a new curriculum for Higher Education Institutions all over Afghanistan.
- Coordinated with the World Bank’s Support to Higher Education Project and USAID’s Higher Education Project the development of a new curriculum
- Prepared a draft new curriculum for the Kabul Education University for discussion in the National Commission on Curriculum Review.
09/2011 – 01/2012 Afghanistan/The Netherlands. PARTICIP Education Advisor in team to evaluate DANIDA support to the Education Sector in Afghanistan 2003 – 2010 - Discussed the TOR of the evaluation with the Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs and agreed about the evaluation methodology
- Prepared questionnaires and tools for collecting information
- Collected and analyzed documents on Danish assistance to the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan
- Interviewed key officials at the Ministry of Education
- Interviewed representatives of Development Partners in the education sector
- Visited and interviewed Provincial Education Authorities
- Co-authored the final report of the study
06/2011 – 08/2011 Libya Save the Children
(UK) Education Advisor - Advised on the conception and implementation of Save the Children’s Libya Response
- Made three mission to assess schools in different areas in East Libya with the objective to prepare them for the reopening in early September. (Three reports prepared)
01/2010 – 03/2011 Sudan Mercy Corps\BRIDGE/
USAID Education Advisor - Advised Mercy Corps and USAID in the implementation of the education component of the BRIDGE project in Abyei, Upper Nile State, South Kordofan and Blue Nile State
- Developed proposals for Mercy Corps for education projects to be funded by BRIDGE\USAID
- Developed proposals and executed activities for training of teachers
- Developed project proposals to create education facilities for refugees from Northern Sudan, who came to the South after the referendum.
- Research and publications about education development in Sudan
- Advised Ministries of education at Central and State level
03/2008- 04/2009 Afghanistan Save the Children (UK)

Country Education Manager - Made logical framework and first work plan for a major Teacher Training project in 14 states in Afghanistan sponsored by the World Bank
- Led the discussions with Ministry of Education Officials about the implementation of the project.
08/2007- 11/2007 The Netherlands BMB-Mott Macdonald
Proposal writer - Developed a proposal on Technical Assistance for EU-India APSF, EU-India Study Centres component.
- Developed the logical framework and the project’s methodology and approach.
08/2007 Yemen World Bank/
ICON Institute

Advisor for preparation of Girl’s Secondary Education Project - Developed the Capacity building and Institutional Development Component for World Bank Girl’s Secondary Education project and chaired team meetings with Ministry of Education staff to assess the capacity of the MOE at central and regional level to implement the programme.
- Organized individual meetings with MoE staff from several departments to ensure coherence of the new project with the strategic planning of the Ministry.
08/2005- 08/2006 The Netherlands Westeraam College, Elst Teacher/
Lecturer - Developed teaching programmes, training needs assessments and support of teachers.
04/2005 St Vincent and the Grenadines EC/NOA Consultant - Advised on project implementation issues to the Education Project Management Unit (PMU) prior to the start of the EU Primary Education.
11/2004 The Netherlands CfBT
Proposal writer - Prepared a tender document for primary education development in Yemen.
- Carried out all research in preparation of the proposal.
12/2003 Haiti EC/NAO

Consultant - Coordinated the selection of pilot schools prior to the start of a primary education project
- Drafted the first work plans in coordination with the Ministry of Education Officials
08/2003 Rwanda UNICEF/
CfBT Consultant - Research to the role of the communities in primary education development with the MOE and developed and delivered training courses for Head Teachers and Parent Teacher Associations.
03/2003-04/2003 Somalia/
Consultant - Wrote a programme support project for Adult Non Formal Education in Somaliland and Puntland.
01/2003- 02/2003 Afghanistan CARE International Education Advisor - Advised CARE in the startup of an education project and chaired coordination meetings with education teams of NGO’s and the Ministry of Education Officials in Afghanistan to synchronize the approaches.
11/2002- 12/2002 Netherlands, Malaysia IBF
Consultant - Reworked and edited the Final Evaluation Report of the University of Malaysia European Studies Programme
10/2002 Netherlands
Syria SPAN Consultants
Proposal writer Developed tender documents for the monitoring and evaluation of the Syrian Higher Institute of Business Administration.
08/2002 Kenya,
Somalia EC
Joao Duarte de Carvalho
Technical Advisor Education - Developed the EC strategy for education development in Somalia.
- Managed, evaluated, monitored and administered the EC primary and secondary education programme for Somalia and Chaired the Education Sectoral Committee of the SACB in close cooperation with governments of Puntland and Somaliland
- Drafted the project proposals for rehabilitation of the education sector using PCM logical framework methodology, developed education projects for refugees and IDP’s in Somaliland; formulated and executed major projects with UNESCO and UNICEF to improve the quality of primary education and rehabilitated and equipped 8 secondary schools
- Implemented an Education Management Information System including student assessments.
- Developed job descriptions and monitored the progress though regular team meetings and individual performance appraisals. Organized study meetings with NGO partners to promote the EC strategy; a coherent strategy to be implemented; Project Cycle Management and the EC procedures
- Developed projects to built the capacity of central and local authorities in Somaliland and Puntland
09/1993- 11/1996 Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger Netherlands Government
Regional Education Advisor - Developed the policy for the Netherlands Government to support the education sectors in West Africa.
- Implemented the logical framework based technical and financial proposals for Dutch development assistance and delivered technical support at project level, including identification, monitoring and evaluation.
- Developed a monitoring and evaluation system to follow Dutch support to the west African region
- Led the donor’s coordination meetings with bilateral and multilateral donors in the region and participated in missions from World bank and UN Agencies to support Government policies.
09/1991- 08/1993 Nicaragua Netherlands Government
Universidad Nacional Agraria
Ministry of Foreign Affair Planning and Organization Advisor - Conducted capacity needs assessments for Faculty and organized capacity building and training (on-the-job)..
- Managed a Netherlands Government sponsored Institutional Development Project, an interinstitutional cooperation project with the Agricultural University of Wageningen, sponsored through NUFFIC.
- Promoted the cooperation with the agricultural university in Honduras.
05/1987 -08/1990 Botswana Netherlands Government Institute of Development Management
Ministry of Foreign Affair
Senior Lecturer Management Studies - Executed training needs assessments for managers and Government Officials in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland and implemented training making use amongst others of on-the-job training techniques.
- Developed a network of Anglophone African Management Institutions and organized study conferences in different SACCD countries.
- Led and coordinated the programme ‘Training of Management Educators’. Developed an inter institutional cooperation programme for Management Educators from Anglophone African institutions to contribute to each other’s training programmes
02/1974- 05/1992 The Netherlands Catholic/
Radboud University
Lecturer Development Studies - Established a Centre for North South Cooperation at the Catholic University of Nijmegen
- Assisted in curriculum development for a programme in development studies and developed strategies and made proposals for inclusion of development studies in the regular programmes offered by the University
- Executed research leading to PhD and published internationally.

13. Relevant Publications:

1989 - "Management Training and its contribution to economic recovery in Africa". The Journal of Management Development, Volume 8,
Number 5, p. 40-50.
1992 - Diagnóstico Institutional y Políticas para Desarrollar la Institución Universidad Nacional Agraria, UNA, Managua, Nicaragua.
1998 - EC Strategy for Education Development in Somalia, EC Somalia Unit, Nairobi;
2000 - Community Based Education Development, Civil War and Emerging Governments: The European Commission in Somalia. UN Somalia,
2003 - Adult Education/Non Formal Education in Somalia UNESCO-PEER. (Somalia, Kenya).
2003 - Rapport Final de l’Atelier de Formation pour les Directeurs et des membres des Comites Parents d’Elèves de 16 Ecoles au Kigali, Ngali et
Gisenyi, UNICEF Rwanda
2007 - Girls’ Secondary Education Project, Implementation structure and Capacity Building arrangements. Sana’a, Yemen, Ministry of
Education/World Bank
2009 - Accelerated Learning Classes and Schools for Working Street children in the North and South of Afghanistan, Kabul, Save the Children
2010 – Education and the mitigation of conflict and fragility. Paper presented at the bi-annual review of USAID education partners, Juba, South
Sudan, INEE, Academic Space
2010 – BRIDGE Mercy Corps and Education in South Sudan, Paper presented at USAID education partner meeting. Mercy Corps\USAID, Juba,
South Sudan
2011 – Educational needs for returnees in Upper Nile State of South Sudan, UNMIS, Mercy Corps, Juba.
2012 - Evaluation of DANIDA support to the Education Sector in Afghanistan 2003 – 2010. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen (Co-author)
2013 - Mid-Term Review of Afghan Dutch TVET project; Higher Vocational Education, Kabul, The Hague

adnanDr. Adnan Koucher was born and grew up in Iraq. After obtaining B.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry at the University of Mosul, he went to the UK and obtained MSc degree in Rural Social Development from the University of Reading in 1984. For several years he worked as a lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Salahaddin in Arbil, Iraq. Later he left Iraq for the Netherlands and joined the Third World Centre at the University of Nijmegen as a Research Fellow in development studies. His research resulted in obtaining a Ph.D. degree in Social Sciences from the University of Radboud-Nijmegen in 1999.
He obtained certificate in Project Management from Oxford University, UK, and a certificate in Didactics for qualified higher education teachers from University of Wageningen, the Netherlands
In 1999 he began his work as a Director of Research at Van Hall Larenstein University (VHL) until 2004 when he became in charge of the Master Studies Programme of International Agriculture at VHL university. now part of the Wageningen University and Research Centre. His interest in initiating academic collaboration with academic institutions in Arab countries resulted in a joint MSc course in International Agriculture with the University of Cairo in Egypt as well as professional training courses in GIS with the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre in Jordan.
His professional work includes working as senior lecturer for 13 years (1999-2012) at VHL, teaching various themes at the Master programme and a Project Manager (210-2012) of the VHL University project of Farmer field Schools in Fayoum province- Egypt. The project was sponsored by NUFFIC, Netherlands. In 2012 he left VHL to take up a consultancy work as Advisor of Curriculum development at the Centre of Development Innovation, Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands. In 2016 he set up Dutchedcon a Dutch consultancy for higher education and post graduate studies.
He participated in various development projects in Asia and Africa. His interest in the issues of globalization, governance and NGO’s is reflected in his contribution to several scientific conferences worldwide.

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