Our consultants are university professors who have long years in teaching, coaching post graduate students in well known European universities such as Reading University in the UK and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Our team includes:

1. Dr. Adnan Koucher
2. Dr. Leo Schellenkens
3. Dr. Penelope Perkin
Dr. Koucher is specialized in curriculum development and education planning and strategies. He has sound experience in coaching and supervising postgraduate thesis research in Dutch universities. Over 50 thesis has been supervised by Dr. Koucher(click the name for more details)

Dr. Schellenkens is a former EU commission education expert. Specialized in monitoring and evaluation of educational systems. His solid experience in reviewing educational systems covers a wide range of countries Worldwide from Asia to Africa and Europe.(click the name for more details)

Dr. Perkin is specialized in research methodology and adult training. She has a remarkable experience in the UK higher education based on her long years work in various British universities.(click the name for more details)

The Consultancy has several consultants in various social sciences’ disciplines as associate members of the Consultancy. They are working in various universities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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